International Studies

It was not too long ago that many pundits were up in arms over US corporations outsourcing some of their jobs (like service call centers) to other countries. But that was business and Congress, of course, didn’t do much beyond expressing faux concern. So, will it be any different if the outsourcing is being paid for by taxpayer money?

Under provisions of No Child Left Behind, any school found to be failing (er… "in need of improvement") must offer all students in that school after-school tutorial services free of charge. This includes online tutoring from companies like Career Launcher, which just happens to be based in New Delhi, India.

The company currently tutors about 1500 American students in math. But parents and school officials might find it hard to know where the faceless help is coming. It turns out that several big name US tutorial firms, like Kaplin Online, subcontract with overseas companies for some of their online services.

I’m curious. Are there any talking heads or politicians who are outraged over this example of outsourcing, using public money that most school districts can’t afford? I didn’t think so.