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Investing In A New Point of View

Speaking of MySpace, as I was in the previous rant…

Last spring, one of the local TV stations did a series of reports on the dangers of the web for kids, complete with an ominous-sounding reporter and plenty of tabloid graphics. Naturally, one major target of the stories was MySpace.com.

Last night, the same station (could have been the same reporter), used a large chunk of their news hour for a totally upbeat story on MySpace, focusing on how musicians, including a local band, are using the site (“online community”) to market their recordings and build a following.

So, why the change in attitude towards MySpace? I’m sure it couldn’t be because this is a Fox-owned station, and last summer their parent company, News Corp, bought MySpace for more than $600 million.

A half-billion dollar investment wouldn’t affect news reporting, would it?

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  1. John

    Just goes to show to check the source. However I must say that most local news organizations don’t usually think that deep. The do the ultimate gut check, if its a story on it goes, then of course, if it bleeds it leads.

  2. Tom Hoffman

    Nice catch!

  3. Ms. Cornelius

    Oooh, you’re so cynical!

    That’s one of the things I like best about you. Cynicism, when practiced by more than one individual, looks less paranoid. Instead, it’s a movement. It’s insight!

    I bet it had everything to do with it.

    It would be nice, of course, if parents would monitor their children’s web usage in the first place, instead of blaming a medium which has no boundaries for being unfriendly to kids. Of course it is! It’s for adults! Blogging was not geared toward kids, either, but it has undeniable appeal to kids.

  4. Tim Lauer

    Fair and Balanced… There really is nothing worse than local affiliate news…

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