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iPad First Impressions

I’ve only had this new device for a little over 24 hours so this won’t be much of a review. More like a collection of random thoughts and observations.

First, as with every Apple product I’ve owned in the past ten or so years, the iPad has a real solid, quality feel to it. Excellent design and execution. Is it worth the price when “more capable” netbooks are lower priced? It is to me.

I’ve read all the complaints about no camera but I don’t care. I’m not sure I’d use it anyway. Besides there are several good tools for voice communications and that’s enough. It will probably come in a later revision, although I wonder if someone could build one that plugs in the dock port.

The other big negative in most reviews is the lack of multitasking. While I agree the iPad (and iPhone for that matter) needs it, that’s likely something that can be fixed in a software update. I can wait.

The on screen keyboard is actually better than I expected. I won’t be writing the great American novel on this thing but for short blog posts (like this one), Twitter, taking notes, and the like, it seems to work very well.

During EduCon, the weekend after Apple made the big reveal, I tweeted that the iPad looked like it would make a good conference computer. When you combine the great portability with the more than adequate functionality and excellent battery life (I’m still working with the charge that came out of the box), this is going to be ideal for long days in buildings with limited power outlets.

So, is this the device that transforms education, saves newspapers and magazines, and revolutionizes media? Probably not. It will depend on whether those institutions try to use it to prop up their failing business models.

However, I do believe the iPad will turn out to be the beginning of a major shift in the way we look at computing/communications tools.

Complain about the lack of content creation tools if you like, as some I follow on Twitter were doing before it was even on sale. I suspect they will come as this type of device evolves. And evolve it will.

This is just the first of many iPad personal computing tools I will own, each gaining more capabilities than the previous generations, the same way laptops have developed in the past twenty years.

Anyway, bottom line is that I’m happy with my iPad so far. Your mileage may vary.


  1. Michelle

    Thanks for the review. My husband and I have been going back and forth on whether or not to even look at the ipad over the itouch…(future possible b-day purchase for me)…your feedback is helpful. I look forward to seeing it in action. How do you feel about the wireless over 3G? If you think of it as a computer and not a phone (like the iphone)…I think it shouldn’t be an issue. what do you think?

  2. John Hendron

    I like mine, but am disappointed of the claim that “iPhone apps work” on iPad. Yes, they run, but they run in such a way that you’re unlikely to use them… the exceptions are games. I found games to be acceptable in the “2x” format, but other apps need a re-do.

    This is a new chapter in iPhoneOS-based computers. I really do think this came before the iPhone in Apple’s mind… I think the 3G version is the most versatile. I didn’t get it because my own patience was a stake, and also because I do have an iPhone that I could use in situations where I didn’t have wifi access. But, if I went to a conference or a meeting and wanted to use this – then 3G would be nice… of course, if you have something like a mefi card, then this Wifi model might be just fine. I bought my for personal use, so it will likely only come out for vacations.

  3. Patrick L

    On Saturday evening, helping my father buy a laptop at Best Buy, I walked by a stack of iPads for sale. Needless to say, I gave in to the hype.. and I’m enjoying the iPad…. During the next SBTS meeting, it’s time to start an iPad group…. :-)

  4. Tim

    I agree with John. All of my old apps work but not especially well. So far, iPad versions seem to be coming pretty fast.

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