iPod, Therefore iThief

According to the CEO of Real Networks, anyone who owns an iPod by default has a hard drive full of stolen music.

If you want interoperable music today, there is a very easy solution: it’s called stealing. The average number of songs sold for the iPod is 25, and there are many more songs on iPods than 25. About half the music on iPods is music obtained illegitimately either from an illegal peer-to-peer networks or from ripping friends’ CDs, which is illegal. But it’s the only way to get non-copy protected, portable, interoperable music.

He’s right, of course. No one who buys an iPod ever bought any CDs.

And it’s common knowledge that everyone who owns another brand of mp3 player is completely honest and has absolutely no illegal music on their hard drives.

Especially those who are smart enough to pay a monthly rental fee to Real’s Rhapsody service for their portable music. Which dies when the extortion rent money stops. And can’t easily be burned to a CD.


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  1. Kary Ellis

    I have an iPod and all of my music came from CD’s that I own, so how can they say all ipod owners are thiefs! MORONS!!

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