It Doesn’t Matter

In a column for Technology and Learning, Terry Freedman has a strangely mixed bag of questions he proposes as topics for debate about the use of technology for teaching and learning.

To me, number seven is probably the most relevant to the discussion. And the simplest to answer.

Does it matter if schools do not embed educational technology in the curriculum?

Of course not.

With the teacher-centered structure of most classrooms and our over-emphasis on standardized testing as the ultimate assessment tool, instructional technology is largely irrelevant.

Not only does embedding educational technology not matter, it’s pretty much impossible.

However, I’d love to be proven wrong in this debate.

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  1. John Hendron

    I think it only “matters” based on what you want your end result to be.

    Pass the SOL? Likely a small impact.

    Employable after high school? Very likely, but it depends where, and if they have professional development.

    Leaders in work or community? I hope so; the communication that is possible today requires technology, and great leaders need to harness communication skills.

    Our teachers+schools (independently, or together) may not always get the tech as quickly as we’d like, but try a few days or a week without the tech at school. I think we might find the productivity loss surprising.

    Can’t prove it, Tim; just my hunch.

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