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It’s a Portable World

Speaking of studies, here’s our semi-annual survey on just how addicted American adults are to the internet.

Something like 15% could only go a day disconnected from the web, another 21% would last “a couple of days” before feeling the withdrawal, yada, yada, yada.

As always, when it comes to surveys, studies and polls, always look at who’s paying the bills.

The sponsor here is a large advertising agency, who probably want to tell their clients that spending all that money on click-through ads is a good deal since a large part of the population is hooked.

However, all those companies trying to attract eyeballs and mouse clicks, may want to pay more attention to this part of the findings.

“Older Americans are happy to sit in the same place to go online, while younger people expect to be able to connect anywhere at any time, without being tethered to a particular location or time frame,” said JWT executive VP Marian Salzman in a statement sent to Ars. “Mobility represents the next big shift. Consumers who have integrated digital technologies into their life now want to move into connectivity whenever they feel like it.”

In other words we (and despite being an old fart I’m going to lump myself into this group) want to take our media with us and seamlessly use it at the place and time of our choosing. Without having to pay for it again and again.

Are you listening RIAA, MPAA, NBC and any of the other big media organizations who still think they should be the ones in complete and total control of their content?

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  1. Peter Rock

    There are 2 issues here. One, network access and Two, portability of media hampered by Big Media’s DRM. Though I agree with you that I should be able to play my music anywhere I wish on any music player I wish, I think you may be conflating two disparate issues.

  2. Tim

    Unfortunately, the big media companies would like to glue the two issues together. The RIAA and MPAA want Congress to force internet service providers to be their policemen.

  3. Peter Rock

    Then throw in the telcom/cable industry desire to be rid of network neutrality…

    We’ve got some work ahead of us.

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