I’ll be going offline for a while.

It has nothing to do with blogger fatigue, net burnout or any other web-induced psychological problem (of which I probably have a few). Instead I’m leaving tomorrow for the grand family tour of Arizona.

The trip is a chance to visit friends and relatives we haven’t seen in a couple of years or more. It’s a vacation, of course, but it’ll still be a busy time since they live all over the state (Prescott, Tucson, Phoenix area). That means we’ll be covering a lot of territory up and down I17 / I10.

So, for a short while, posting here will be spotty at best. But blogging is far down on the list of things to do during this break, anyway. The main goals are to relax, take lots of pictures, and catch up on a large stack of non-work-related reading materials. Oh, and harass the in-laws. :-)

Have a very happy and peaceful Thanksgiving.