Somewhere in the back of my head is a poster that said something like: "It will be a good day when high school bands have all the money they need and the Air Force needs to have a bake sale to buy a B-52." That quote popped back to the front of the head this week when I ran across a commercial for Save the Music. This is a six year old charity, largely supported by the cable channel VH1, to raise money to support school music programs.

The fact that an organization like Save the Music needs to exist is just plain sad. With all the pressure for high school students to take more and more "solid" classes, the time left for choir, band, orchestra and drama in the schedule, has dwindled down to nothing. In elementary schools, these subjects get minimized or tossed out so schools can do more testing drills.

That is flat out wrong! The performing arts should be one of the core subjects every student takes throughout their twelve years in the system – just as important as math and science. There has to be a balance in the curriculum our students receive. After all, what good is a high school graduate who knows lots of facts but has no soul?