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As we approach the celebration of our Independence Day, a small reminder that we have it pretty good compared to people in other countries.

The Times of India reports that Myanmar government has blocked Internet users from reaching Google.com and Gmail.

Of course, stories like this should also remind us that free and open communication is something that must be defended. Sometimes from people very close to home.

Happy Independence Day.

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  1. Andrew Pass

    Every time I post a message or a comment on a blog I’m amazed at how many people can read it. Open communication means more in the free world today than it has meant anywhere else throughout history. It’s pretty awesome. Happy 4th.

    Andrew Pass

  2. Ms Cornelius

    Shout it, brother! Because here, you CAN.

  3. Weapon of Mass Disturbance

    Comparing the United States to Myanmar is like comparing broccoli to wormwood. You might love broccoli, or just like it, or simply eat it because it’s good for you, but wormwood speaks for itself.

  4. tim

    To that last comment I can only say…

  5. Miguel Guhlin

    Howdy! Wrote about a few ways to bypass stuff like what Myanmar is doing…

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