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Just Make It Stop

The 2007-08 phone book – two unabridged dictionary-sized volumes – arrived on my doorstep today.


Not why do they still produce paper phone books. I understand that some people still like hard copy directories that are difficult to use and quickly become out of date.

I want to know why I can’t stop it from being delivered.

The books have Verizon’s name on them but we don’t subscribe to any of their services so calling them wouldn’t do much good when the first thing the automated voice wants to know is your phone number.

But they don’t print the book, anyway. That’s done by a “multi-dimensional” marketing company that just licenses the name.

Nowhere on either of their web sites is there a clue of how end the annual delivery. The book itself doesn’t provide that information either.

There needs to be an option to not have a pile of dead trees brought to my house, a pile I will ignore for a year and then drop into the recycling bin.

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