Our dear president W is fond of calling critics who find fault with his skewed view of his past statements and actions "revisionist historians" (or other terms that sound close). So what does he have to say about the dropout rates for his "miracle" school system in Houston that are now being revised upwards.

There are many parts to this whole mess that bother me (which should be obvious if you’ve read my rants about this over the past few weeks). But one piece that is especially grating is that the Secretary of Education, Rod Paige, was appointed to his current job in large part because of the "miracle" he was able to create as the Superintendent of the Houston district. It was under his leadership that the accounting system, now being revealed as close to fraudulent, was implemented. But does the Secretary think anything was wrong with the way the Houston school district miscounted and "lost" thousands of students?

Dr. Paige’s spokesman, Dan Langan, referred dropout questions to Houston officials, but said that the secretary was proud of the accountability system he established here, that it got results and that principals freely signed those contracts.

Bush came to office saying he wanted to replicate the Texas "miracle" on a national basis. And so it shall be done. Because just as in Texas, the pressure will be on principals and system administrators to hide kids who are not likely to pass the necessary tests. As the assistant principal who helped break this story noted, "This isn’t about educating children. It’s about public relations".