In Texas, not only are there almost no school dropouts, almost all the schools are "superior", at least in terms of financial management. According to the Star-Telegram, even a school with $4.8 million in paving that no one can find, is superior. So, are the schools managing the public’s money that well or is the criteria too easy? Do you have to ask?

In other words, Texas tested every district, and set the curve so low that 96 percent of the grades were "A’s" or "B’s." If our schools are all so superior – why test? Silly me. It’s so superintendents can call their districts "superior."

This kind of evaluation is in the same class with the daily research studies validating exactly what their sponsors wants them to. In this case, according to the business manager of one school system the purpose of this particular "study" is "to try and make the public feel better". Ignorance is a warm blanket, Charlie Brown.