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Leadership in a Sardine Can

Every year during the first week of August the overly large school district I work for holds a “leadership conference”. All the school administrators and most of us evil central office types are required to spend a day at one of our high schools listening to speeches and sitting through assorted workshops. The intention, of course, is to give everyone an inspirational boost into the new school year. It might work if the conference was half as long and half as big.

The problem is that our system has become so large that all of our administrators and support staff can’t fit in the same auditorium, which is where most of the events occur. Fortunately, the organizers have provided an overflow room with a big screen TV and room to breathe. I brought a wireless point so at least I can get some real work done (and a little blogging :-) during the lulls. I guess I’m not much for being inspired.


  1. a

    Glad I’m not the only one who found the annual “pep rally” to be a bit much. Especially hated the taco salad in the cafeteria. Love your blog!

  2. Tim

    Ah, the taco salad. Haute cuisine compared to what we were fed this year! :-)

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