Let The Sunshine In

Today begins Sunshine Week.

The principles of open government are promoted and celebrated each year during Sunshine Week – observed this year March 16-22. The weeklong initiative is built around National Freedom of Information Day, which has been celebrated since the 1970s on March 16, James Madison’s birthday. Madison is regarded as “the father of freedom of information” based upon his observation that “a people who mean to be their own Governors must arm themselves with the power knowledge gives.”

A week-long reminder that if we want a transparent government, one that operates in the open for the best interest of all citizens, we cannot expect it to happen automatically.

We must educate ourselves and our friends and demand the sunshine.

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1 Comments Let The Sunshine In

  1. mvp121

    Mr. Madison must be doing a jig in heaven these days! Surely he could never have foreseen how the internet has enhanced the transparency of government. A huge curtain has been lifted to allow the light of truth and learning to shine for all.

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