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Life, Actually

If things were going according to plan, right now I would be at the Virginia Beach convention center starting the second day of the VSTE1 annual conference. I would have arrived early on Saturday for set up and worked with a large group of wonderful people to make the event a success, going steadily through tomorrow evening.

Instead I’m home taking care of my wife2 and watching the conference as filtered through Twitter and other media.

It’s very much a cliche, but I’ll say it anyway: occasionally life doesn’t follow “the plan”. So you make adjustments and move on.

Not great philopsophy, just something on my mind this morning.

Moving on.


Tech Support Simplified


One Hour, And No More

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  1. You are missed here. But it’s lovely to see you on twitter engaging with us. Virtual isn’t as good as real life, but it’s a nice consolation prize.

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