Is this what we have too look forward to? Or has the future already arrived?

Schools’ attitudes to the tests "border on obsession", it concludes. Allegations of teachers who cheat in the tests and even force sick children to sit the exams so their school will not be penalised by their absence show that league table culture has gone too far, concludes the report, "Time to say Goodbye? The Future of School Performance Tables".

The report warns that the tables are misleading and say more about the wealth and backgrounds of a school’s pupils than teachers’ effectiveness. It calls for the publication of pupils’ "raw" test scores to be abolished and for only data showing how much "value" a school has added to pupils’ results to be published.

Many of the schools around here are moving towards the concept of "anything for the test", which often means that untested "frills" like art, music and foreign languages are cut back or eliminated. Makes for a very sad future.