Losing Control of Your Remote

This should come as a shock to no one: ABC is looking for a way to disable the fast forward button on your DVR.

People ignoring their high-priced commercials just does not sit well with the big media companies, not to mention the businesses paying the bills.

But ABC executives must be incredibly clueless if they believe this logic.

Shaw [ABC President of Advertising Sales] also threw cold water on the idea that neutering the fast-forward option would result in a consumer backlash. He suggested that consumers prefer DVRs for their ability to facilitate on-demand viewing and not ad-zapping–and consumers might warm to the idea that anytime viewing brings with it a tradeoff in the form of unavoidable commercial viewing.

Preventing viewers from skipping over ads is just one of many reasons why these companies want Congress to require the broadcast flag circuitry be installed in every piece of digital media equipment you buy.

Just like the voice on the Outer Limits, they want to control your viewing experience.

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