Business leaders understand that high turnover of employees costs them a lot of money. The better trained and more specialized the talent, the more expensive it is.

Now researchers are pointing up that the same situation true in public education.

According to the study, the 17 percent of teachers who left their jobs cost their districts more than $7 billion. That figure was based on the expense of recruiting, hiring, and training their replacements.

As you might expect, most of the turnover of educators comes in high-risk schools that can least afford the extra expense.

The article didn’t mention it, but I believer the rate for new teachers, those in the first five years of their careers, quitting the profession is still much higher than the average, something like 25-30%.

The report offers a number of recommendations to fix the problem but it’s not likely many of them will be implemented.

After all, that would require the spending of money which is much harder to sell than saving money.

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