Right now I’m lurking in the back row of Danny and Barrie’s (our conference co-chairs) session on Web 2.0 for beginners (“Did I miss Web 1.0?”).

I’ve done the same kind of presentation before but it’s always fun to watch some one else try to explain all this stuff to people who sort of, maybe have an idea of what blogs are but not much more (RSS, Skype, Twitter, etc.).

That’s not to insult anyone in the audience. Watching the presentation and the reaction of the crowd is just a good reminder to me that we have lots of work to do.

There are still plenty of teachers and tech trainers, even those who come to tech conferences, who don’t understand all these pieces and how they might be used for teaching and learning.

Besides, they’re offering some good ideas. And showing off a few tools I’ve never seen.

I may have to copy and paste some of this stuff into my session tomorrow. :-)

vste2008, web 2.0, presentation