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Making Plans for NECC

The housing reservations page for NECC 2009 is open and in past years, I would be there on day one trying to grab a room at the cheapest hotel within walking distance of the conference venue.

Not this year.

This time around I’m staying home and NECC is coming to us, just a short (depending on which line is screwed up on any particular day) Metro ride away at the DC Convention Center.

While it’s great traveling to conferences, it’s just as well NECC is here since it’s pretty clear that, considering the budget mess we’re facing here in the overly-large school district, I won’t be getting any help with expenses.

Anyway, even if you’re not completely sure whether you’ll be visiting us next June, book your reservation before all the cheap slightly less expensive rooms are gone.

And hopefully, lots of you will be able to join us for the big show.


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  1. stacy kasse

    Lucky you. I remember when NECC was in Philadelphia and we felt the same way. I had people come and stay at my house. It was a blast. Enjoy. In the meantime many of us are having a hard time with the 200plus a night costs. Have any friends who want to rent their condos/houses for a few days and make some $$????

  2. Tim

    When they announced the Washington location for NECC I knew they’d have trouble finding decent hotel rooms for under $200. I expect many people who know this area will find a less expensive place at the end of a Metro line and take the train in.

    I don’t know anyone yet who’s prepared to take in borders but as for the luxurious guest room in my basement, I’m afraid it’s been claimed. :-)

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