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Making Steady Progress

The scores for last spring’s round of standardized tests in Virginia were released today along with the list of schools that “failed to make adequate progress” (aka “failed” in the shorthand of many NCLB fans).

Here in the overly-large school district, the number of schools in that category doubled over last year.

According to No Child Left Behind, we must reach 100% by 2014.

I’d say we’re right on target to achieve that goal.

[Please read this as the snarky piece of cynicism it was intended to be.]

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  1. We’re always up-sizing commercial products – in a world where “small” is “tall” (Starbucks), could “failure” be interpreted as “standard” or even “average” (which we know is really “excellent”)?

    These are name games, with no benefits for the students the law is meant to help.

  2. Glad to hear you’re on target for that 100% mark. Pretty soon all your students will indeed be above average. ;-)

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