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Making Things Way Too Simple

Those of us who’ve been working on a Mac for a while know that installing software is usually a very simple process.

Except for more complex programs that need access to parts of the OS (and ask for an administrator password), usually it’s just a matter of drag and drop.

Which is what confused one recent Windows switcher when trying to add Firefox to their machine.

My friend contacted me on iChat because he was having difficulty installing the just-released Firefox 3.0. He had downloaded the disk image and mounted it, but was then stuck. He knew he had to copy the program to his hard drive, but he couldn’t really see how to do that. “What’s so tough?,” you’re thinking. “Just drag-and-drop the application to the folder.”

This is the instruction that confused him.

I suppose if you were used to the convoluted installation process for most Windows software, that kind of simplicity might just throw you.

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  1. Benjamin Baxter

    I’m so used to having multiple software programs to choose between for my Windows machine that the installation process really doesn’t seem that convoluted at all.

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