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Maybe Pat and Jerry Can Try Rapping

This should give O’Reilly fits. The American Civil Liberties Union is trying to attract more college students by staging a mini tour of hip-hop artists, comedians and slam poets. I’m not a "card carrying member" (as the slam popular with conservatives goes) but I’ve always wondered what is so wrong with an organization that defends the Constitutional rights of everyone in the country and not just the people running the show? Just asking.


  1. J.P. Laurier?Catholic School Blogger

    The “slam popular with conservatives” was actually uttered by Michael Dukakis in his ill-starred debate with the first George Bush back in 1988. The Duke proclaimed himself a “card-carrying,” etc., and Bush pounced on the remark as illustrative of the differences between himself and the tank-riding Governor of the People’s Republic of Massachusetts. It was great political theater, but conservatives haven’t used the expression much since; it tends to remind people of the phrase, “card-carrying member of the Communist Party, the use of which gets you accused of McCarthyism.

    As for the ACLU itself, I think it’d get a lot more respect if it made a few elementary distinctions between causes that really demand our vigilance (computer privacy, legal rights of defendants, etc.) and “boutique” issues that are just too far out there for Americans to identify with (“rights” of illegal immigrants, defending Nazi parades and pornographic art, etc.)

  2. Tim

    Actually, the first use of the phrase “card carrying member of the ACLU” is attributed to Richard Nixon during his first campaign for president. He made the comment about Hubert Humphrey.

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