In a Post story about one segment of the news business that’s not suffering any decline, we find this little nugget of information,

The number of print, broadcast and digital journalists credentialed to cover Congress has been growing over the past five years and will exceed 6,000 this year, according to Senate press gallery director Joe Keenan, suggesting a ratio of roughly 11 news hacks to each member of Congress. Although not every registered journalist actually shows up on the Hill each day (most don’t), “there are more people than ever covering Congress on a daily basis,”… [my emphasis]

Could this be why congress critters believe most of what they say and do every day is actually important?

Are they spending too much time in an echo chamber, talking and listening to their personal entourage of 11 news hacks (and you know the high profile members have far more than eleven following them around)?

“Journalists” who are more interested in instant, headline grabbing scoops than educating the public about the problems facing the country and the proposed solutions (or, more likely, non-solutions).

And then there’s the fun fact that this article is on the front page of the Style section, which says that the Washington Post editors consider this entertainment news, fluff that goes nicely with their gossip column and movie reviews.

I wonder if this is what those founding fathers, revered by everyone in Congress, had in mind when they created the First Amendment phrase about freedom of the press.