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Missing the Point

An article in Technology Review asks Is Twitter Here to Stay?. I have another question.

Why Twitter?

I’ve read the buzz, followed the feeds from some people, even tried Twittering myself. And as a certified web geek I still can’t figure out why I’d want to provide up to the minute postings on the minutia of my life.

Still, the concept and potential is interesting. Definitely something worth watching.

Besides, I’ve learned never to reject any technology as a potential teaching tool.

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  1. Anna

    I’m not sure if it’ll last or not, but I have to admit I’m enjoying adding edubloggers to my Twitter friends. Particularly edubloggers that “twit” what they’re reading on the web. I’ve found more than a couple of great links this way in less than a week. Maybe a blogger found a link, or some new web application or new article but didn’t think it was interesting enough or relevent enough to blog about. But interesting enough to Twit.

    Prompted me to “twitthis” on the things I’m reading as well (like this post). Though I do have thinks like “playing Wii with my kids” in there that would completely bore most people.

    I have a second Twitter account that I set up today for my weight loss site. I’m going to twit every bite I put into my mouth. Hold me accountable for what I eat and will make it easier to find trends when I see the times I’m eating. I’m looking forward to this, actually.

    So neither of these are educational purposes for Twitter, though the first isn’t a stretch for the use of Twitter by edubloggers. Just thought I’d share some uses of Twitter I’ve enjoyed.

    And if you update your Twitter even with just what you’re reading, I’ll be following along.

  2. Tim Lauer

    Hey Tim,
    I’m interested in this for limited use with friend, family and colleagues. I think it will evolve into tools more like Jaiku, which allow you share your presence based on filters and such. I don’t want to know what everyone is up to, but I do find it interesting to keep up with others doing similar work that I do, or with family and friends. It’s basically microblogging for a limited audience…

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