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MIT’s Stackable City Car

If I didn’t have to share the beltway with all the testosterone-fuled Hummers and Escalades around here, I’d love to give one of these little thing a try.

Meant to work more like a car sharing service than that of a personal vehicle, MIT hopes to change the way that we think about personal transportation. Stacks of vehicles could be placed throughout the city to create a small network that is linked to the existing mass transportation systems within the city. When a person comes gets off a bus or train, they can just hop into one of these vehicles and go about their business. They can either drop it off at the vehicle stack at their destination, if there happens to be one, or returned to their original stack, where the vehicle will be recharged and wait for the next person to take it.

Someday we’re going to have to face up to the fact that bigger (huger!) is not always better.

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  1. Doug Johnson


    Interesting. These cars are on the cover of The Design of Future Things by Donald A. Norman, his latest book. As always by Norman, a good read. I’m about half way through with it.


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