See if you understand this one. As many as 7000 new teachers in Illinois could lose their job because they didn’t participate in the mentoring programs required by state law. But there’s no such thing. More than a year after the law was passed, state education officials have done nothing to establish the necessary training and mentoring programs. So, what do the wunderkinds at the state board of education have to say about this screw up?

State board officials said that creating new training and mentoring programs is time-consuming and costly, particularly with limited staff, and that the timelines in the state law were probably unrealistic. "If anything, it should have had a longer time for implementation–it probably should have been implemented in 2005," state Schools Supt. Robert Schiller said at a state board meeting Wednesday.

Time? Money? Hell, yes – high quality training requires both. You would think the people running the education system for a state the size of Illinois would be smart enough to figure that out.