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More History From the Future

In the same spirit as the EPIC 2015 video, which attempts to envision the future of media, comes another “history” from the future, Prometeus-The Media Revolution.

Considering that predictions from ten years ago were pretty far off base, efforts like this that try to forecast twenty years out, while fun, are likely to be just as wrong.

However, I do love one little item the producers suggest could happen.

In 2020, Lawrence Lessig, the author of “Free Culture” is the new US Secretary of Justice and declares copyright illegal.

Interesting idea, both Lessig being Attorney General and the elimination of copyright.

But that will come to pass only if all the big content and media companies collapse, taking their bribes political campaign contributions with them.

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  1. DK

    Long time reader first time poster – just wanted to say you find some fantastic pearls… thanks for sharing!


    PS writing this here as you have no contact information… or maybe I missed it :-)

  2. Tim

    Thanks, both for the compliment and for pointing out my error. I do have some information about myself on the About page, but DK is right that I don’t seem to have my email address anywhere on the blog pages, something I will have to fix. I’m really not trying to be mysterious. :-)

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