A new report just released by the National Conference of State Legislatures doesn’t seem to care for No Child Left Behind. The year-long study came to the conclusion that the law is "a flawed, convoluted and unconstitutional education reform initiative that had usurped state and local control of public schools".

The Department of Education and several groups that strongly support NCLB, of course, disagreed with the report. They may have a few points, especially when the spokesperson for a business group notes that "they did a better job of pinpointing problems than identifying solutions". However, the statement by DOE that the panel wants to "reverse the progress" achieved under the law is rather disingenuous. The only "progress" being made by NCLB is to the bottom lines of companies in the testing and tutorial businesses.

But I do have one question for the state legislators involved in this study. How many of you supported No Child Left Behind when it was proposed – without really reading it? That’s what I thought.