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Moving Backwards

Over the past year several of us were gently nudging our big boss, the assistant superintendent in charge of instruction for our overly-large school district, to write a blog.

Instead of the rambling mass email she sent everyone in the department on Monday mornings.

She has moved on and today the new boss began sending out his Monday message.

In the form of a Word document attached to an email.

<sigh!> Gentle nudging 2.0 will begin tomorrow.

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  1. Chris Lehmann

    I hate the Word-attached Memo email more than anything else.

    a) Not searchable in my email archive.
    b) Always have to find the files after the fact.
    c) Slows down my ability to get the info
    d) I don’t care that you used the pretty, official letterhead.

  2. Bell Work Online

    The administrative memo is probably the most quickly-discarded e-mail I get. And boy are you right about long! A blog is a great idea. Maybe I’ll encourge our super to give that a shot; then, maybe our server’s firewall will stop filtering out every blog I ever try to read during my lunch break.

  3. hipteacher

    So, I guess we can throw out the idea of your big boss sending out reminders as text messages or putting out a podcast. sigh.

  4. Tim Lauer

    Everything Chris said… At least it’s not a Publisher document….

  5. Dave

    If I’m trying to get information as fast as possible while at work, a podcast is -worse- than a Word document. With a document in any format, I can control how I consume it. Podcasts are good for some things, but most of them are auxiliary and entertaining more than vital and work-related.

  6. Tim

    I wouldn’t say that a podcast is better or worse than a Word document. It all depends on what is the best medium for the message being communicated.

    One reason I’m pushing the boss to blog is because the format allows fast publishing of short essays on one topic instead of the rambling multi-topic weekly missive.

    Podcasts would be wrong for this purpose since that format is better suited to longer discussions where the voice inflection is an important part of the communications. Besides, they take more planning and work to do well.

    As for Publisher, some people are still addicted to paper. We’re working on the cure. :-)

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