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Moving Backwards

The news from New Orleans seems to get worse rather than better. Many sites are doing a great job of covering this tragedy, both the devastation of the hurricane and the incompetent – some would say clueless – government response.

I have nothing to add to the mix other than to note that this is one more vivid example of how the US is far better at memorializing the past than we are at planning for the future.

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  1. Ms. Cornelius

    I agree with you!

    I am infuriated by the laggardly response from government officials. When will people realize that there should be certain services we should expect from the government, and of course, disaster prevention and response should take precedence over buying votes through alleged tax breaks that most of us will never see? Molly Ivins has more on this, if you’re interested– I’ve copied it on my blog.

    PS– Does anyone else see possibly horrifying Homeland Security implications from this disaster? I don’t want to give anyone any ideas, but the ports and refineries in the Gulf are defenseless right now….

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