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NCLB is Working!

Which is why more than one-third of US schools were considered “failures” for the 2007-08 academic year under the AYP requirements of the law.

That’s 28% more than in the previous year and Indiana, Nebraska, and New York haven’t reported their data yet.

Nearly 20% of all schools have missed their goals for two or more years and have earned penalties that go beyond the failure tag, an increase of 13%.

Yep. Very successful.

We’re well on our way to the ultimate goal of 100% by 2014.


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  1. Dave

    Failing to reach a goal is still useful information. At least we (America) are starting to face up to the fact that we’re often not providing the education we think our young people deserve.

  2. Tim

    When you have a system that is approaching a 100% failure rate, it’s logical to question the validity of the assessment.

    I agree that we are not providing the education our kids deserve. However the curriculum defined by standardized tests is not it.

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