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NECC: Geeking Out

At every NECC I indulge myself and take one workshop that’s a stretch, something interesting that has very little to do with my job. Feeding the inner geek, as it were. So, I spent today learning the basics of PHP. And what did I learn? For one thing, it’s going to take a whole lot longer than a few hours to master all this stuff.

PHP is the code that WordPress, the engine that runs this little rantfest, is built from. My goal in taking this workshop was to learn a little more about tweaking these pages and avoid screwing things up. I think I made a pretty good start on that but I’ll need to carve out a some time to keep working on it. The time part will probably be more difficult than the code.

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  1. Tim Merritt

    I was in there too, and for the same reasons. DV for Teachers is getting really creaky in Manila, and I have a personal site at timmerritt.net that’s a very plain WP 1.2.2. I want to know more about making it more my own, and I think David’s workshop will give me the confidence to work on the blogs, maybe break things, and have enough of a handle on things to try to fix them.

    Nice blog, btw.

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