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NECC: Officially On Overload

As much fun as the conference has been, I’m just about ready to go home. Lots of walking, almost too much information, many, many good conversations, and an assortment of food – good and not so – is taking its toll.

NECC 2005 ends tomorrow but fortunately the learning doesn’t. This is the first time we’ve had a large number of our school-based trainers attending NECC and, for many of them, this was also their first time at the conference. From the quick talks in the halls, they are very excited about the experiences and have a lot to share. I’m looking forward to discovering parts of the conference I missed and seeing some that I didn’t through new eyes.

I dropped in on several more good sessions today finishing with the birds of a feather session on blogging for teaching and learning. It seemed a little odd that a similar group was next door discussing podcasting and RSS. All three concepts are so interwoven I’m not sure how they can be separated. Anyway, it was nice to meet the faces behind some of the many good blogs you see listed at the right.

The day was topped off this evening with a vendor treating most of our group (and many others) to a very nice dinner at a local restaurant. I guess spending money like this is part of the marketing budget but I still feel a little strange going. I have absolutely no control over the budget in our district so feeding me is not going to help them sell their stuff to us. Which isn’t to say I’m going to turn down a good meal, however. :-)

That’s enough incoherent rambling for tonight…

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  1. Thor

    Which vendor was it? And where did they take you?

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