NECC: The End For ’05

At the panel session this morning I hope the people attending learned as much as I did. I really didn’t contribute much to the effort but it was fun to participate. The others, Will and Tim especially, have some great, in-the-trenches experience that offers some great guidance for anyone trying to foster the use of blogs and other new communications tools in their schools.

It was also great to hear the questions from the audience. They offered some insight into concerns likely to come from both administrators and teachers. In most cases the issues raised confirmed my own experience with trying to get these ideas moving in my district. Incidentally, Clarity Innovations sponsored the session and is hosting a page with the links discussed (thanks, Thor), if you’re interested.

Fortunately, the trip home was pretty smooth. Driving between DC and Philly can be a little dicy with all the road construction, especially the on-going complete replacement of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge over the Potomac River. Now comes the job of unpacking and sifting through all the notes, pictures, and assorted crap we managed to accumulate over the past five days. But that can wait for the long weekend.

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