In March, the government of British Prime Minister David Cameron announced a plan to convert all their schools to “academies”, roughly the UK equivalent of American charter schools, by 2022:

Academies are independently run – but state-funded – schools, overseen by a not-for-profit business, known as an academy trust. They are often part of a chain.

It’s two month’s later and Cameron’s education minister announced this week they are killing the plan.

The abrupt 180 is largely due to loud criticism from “teachers and head teachers, education experts and MPs [members of Parliament] and councillors [members of local government councils]”, even many in his own party.

However, as in the push by education “reformers” to convert many (if not most) American schools to charters, the current UK government isn’t giving up on the idea of privatizing all of their public schools.

… the government said it would push forward with compelling academy conversions in two areas:

– Where it is clear that the local authority can no longer viably support its remaining schools because too many schools have already become academies.

– Where the local education authority consistently fails to meet a minimum performance threshold across its schools.

Why support public schools for all children when there are profits to be made?