Web suicide pacts surge in Japan

How long do you think it will take that headline to turn into hours and hours of “special reports” on the talking heads channels?

I’m not trying to make humor from something as serious as suicide. However, have you noticed how our “news” organizations have a very difficult time separating the medium from the message? Especially when that medium is the internet?

But even the conservative old BBC has problems in this area. Despite that glaring headline, a few paragraphs into the story they note:

But the number of cases may now be falling. Twenty of the 34 cases took place in the first three months of last year, before internet service providers started working with the authorities to tackle the problem.

and at the end they make this important point:

The suicide pacts still make up a relatively small proportion of Japan’s suicides.

So, does that headline fit the story? Does this topic justify a story at all? We rant, you decide. :-)

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