Not Joining the Mad Rush

The hype over the iPhone may have just gone over the top.

Alright, it probably went over top about six months ago but this seems downright silly.

On January June 29th, the appointed date for release of the device, AT&T will close all their stores for two hours to “prepare” for the launch.

No advanced sales. Embargoed stores. Tantalizing commercials in which the product works far faster than it possibly could in real life especially considering the crap network they’re using.

Has anyone alerted the police for possible riots?

However, you’ve got to hand it to the Apple marketing folks.

Something like two thirds of people asked in polls know about the iPhone when most of them probably couldn’t tell you the difference between the other equipment in the store.

As for me, I’ll pass. Buying a very expensive device, no matter how neat the interface, won’t make the service from Cingular AT&T any better.

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3 Comments Not Joining the Mad Rush

  1. Chris Lehmann

    The 6:00 pm launch is really annoying. I was planning on being in line at 5:30 am. (Hey, my cell phone died…) but now I’m starting to think about getting the new blackberry, just because Apple is making this such a pain.

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