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Not Reading the Fine Print

Ok, how many of you out there read the end user license agreement (EULA) for software or the terms of service (TOS) for a web site? Anyone? Bueller?

Yea, me neither.

Which is why I need to withdraw an earlier suggestion to give Photoshop Express, Adobe’s new online image editing and sharing site, a try.

According to someone who DID read Adobe’s terms of service, you may not want to upload your pictures to Express.

Adobe recently launched Photoshop Express, the company’s new online photo editing and sharing service, but as savvy readers have pointed out, to use Express you need to agree to terms of service that appear to grant Adobe the “worldwide, royalty-free, nonexclusive, perpetual, irrevocable” right to do basically whatever it wants with your images.

Apparently Adobe’s lawyers are working on a more appropriate TOS. However, until that’s in place, I’ll put any use of Photoshop Express on hold.

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  1. Zander S.

    Interesting. I know that downloading Adobe Reader now comes with an optional version of Photoshop, which may come linked to Express (I don’t know since I unchecked that option when I downloaded it). The TOS’ in general are painful. I would have to give up a year of my life to the company’s in order to read all of them. A Cliff’s Notes TOS version is very much needed for those of us who can’t spend hours reading and interpreting those things!

    -Zander S.

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