Now That’s News

On CBS’ Sunday Morning, Nancy Giles offers some perspective to the absolute most important, most vital, worthy of most airtime story of this past week.

At least according to the “editors” at the talking heads channels.

It’s a vicious cycle; does the attention and hysteria make the attention and hysteria more valid?

Are we watching because we’re interested, or because that’s what we’re being fed?

I can see the newsroom frenzy: Let’s see, there’s the war in Iraq, but that’s a downer; nothing’s new in New Orleans; and Scooter Libby’s trial –what is that all about anyway? Back burner that. We’ll go live to Florida. Any video of Anna Nicole’s body being moved?

It’s the sad result of what Newsweek calls the “Girls Gone Wild Effect.” Maybe it’s time to stop rubbernecking the human train wrecks, and pay more attention to people who actually contribute something positive to our lives.

If every generation gets the celebrities it deserves we’re in trouble – with all due respect.


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