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Old Habits – You Just Can’t Kill ‘Em

The first week of every August, the overly large school district for which I work brings together all the school-based administrators and most of us working in central office for an annual leadership conference. It’s a full day of speeches and other stuff to kick off the new school year.

So far, the organization of this year’s conference has been rather different from years past. For one thing, the organizers distributed information about the sessions via a web site complete with an online registration page for the breakout sessions. You may not find that unusual but for this bureaucracy, that was a big step.

However, I guess the web site wasn’t enough. Today in our email comes the same information in the form of a pdf attachment. I’m not sure why this follow up was necessary, but pdf is still fine. The district leadership is still moving forward.

Or I thought so until I read the body of the email which tells us that “a hard copy of the newsletter will follow shortly”.


So much for progress. This far into the digital age, you would think that someone holding a responsible job in a large school system, many with Ph. D.’s, could figure out how to get information from a web site or email attachment without needing a paper back up.


  1. Abigail

    The same thing happens for everything in our district. Their reason for doing so is “you can’t assume everyone knows how to use the web or checks their mail regularly.” Um, yes you can.

  2. Tim

    That is EXACTLY the reason I was given when I emailed the superintendent’s office to ask about this waste of paper. Do you work for our super? :-)

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