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OLPC on the Tube

Someone connected not connected with One Laptop Per Child is running an unofficial video blog about the project, pulling together short movies mostly posted on YouTube.

The content goes back to September 2005 and includes presentations, demonstrations, and interviews in many different languages.

The most interesting part of the site, however, are the clips of children working with the little green machine in the six countries where the test models have been distributed.

It’s impossible to miss the excitement of the kids while playing with the unique little devices.

However, far more exciting will be seeing what they do with this connection to the rest of the world they now have in their hands.

I hope their teachers understand the power for learning they have in their classrooms.

Update (5/18): Wayan notes in the comments that OLPC.tv is actually not connected to the project. He also links to his OLPC News, another independent site documenting the progress of the little green machine.

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  1. Wayan

    Charbax, the publisher of OLPC.TV is not connected with OLPC. Like me and my site http://www.OLPCNews.com he is independent of OLPC yet greatly enjoys the promise it brings.

  2. Tim

    Thanks for the correction and the link to OLPC News.

  3. Charbax

    Yup, I’m a huge fan of the OLPC project and I look forward to many more videos on the Internet about it. On sunday there will be the 60 minutes show in which Wayan was interviewed, hopefully he talks positively about it cause 60 millions americans and a lot of state governors probably are going to be watching that show.

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