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One-to-One in Your Pocket

Many K12 school systems have one-to-one computer programs in which they issue laptop computers to students to use.

A college in Texas is taking that one step farther next fall by giving iPhones and iPod Touches to all incoming freshmen.

Which once again brings up the question, what exactly is “instructional technology”?

But I’m not moving to Abilene just to get one. :-)

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  1. Dave

    This really just seems like an attempt to increase enrollment, but which students is this going to attract?

    What with all the Blackboard craziness, I can’t help but think that technology money would be better spent on paying for development of a strong Blackboard alternative.

  2. Benjamin Baxter

    That sounds like a great way to spend tuition money. I’m so proud of them.


  3. Tim

    I’ll grant that passing out iPods to college students is probably a gimmick. But consider how many similar internet devices are in the pockets of our students. Since they already know how to use them, maybe it’s time we considered how to leverage that power to improve their learning.

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