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Only a Slight Delay

Way back in the fall of 2019 BCP1, a friend and I decided to plan a photo adventure somewhere in Europe. We wanted to land somewhere and, for the most part, choose where to go next day-by-day. Finding lots of new experiences and wonderful images along the way.

We settled on Amsterdam, which was an interesting city neither of us had visited (but wanted to), with good transportation and lots to see within a short distance. The trip was booked for about this time in 2020.

And… you know what happened next. We optimistically thought we might be able to rebook for the fall of that year, then spring 2021.

Of course, the chaos of the pandemic forced lots of people to postpone life events. And for many, the virus certainly had a greater impact than two people missing out on a trip.

However, it is now 2023 and we finally made it! Amsterdam! A delay of only three years.

We have tickets for some of the usual museums in the city, but beyond that, we have no specific plans, letting local discoveries and the weather (which seems to change by the hour) drive the agenda.

I’ll let you know what we discover. For now, it has been a long day of airports and logistics, so time to rest up for whatever is coming tomorrow.

The photo is the view out the living room window of our home for the next nine days. A houseboat docked along one of the many, many canals that make this city unique.

1. BCP = Before the COVID pandemic. For many of us, that’s a real dividing line.

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    Ah, one of my favorite cities. Been going there off and on since 1984. If you are a bike rider, Mikes Bikes gives great tours of the city. Enjoy!


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