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Only If You Accept Lots of Flimsy Premises

Ok, let’s end all those arguments about No Child Left Behind.

According to a new study, in the six years since the law was passed, student learning in the US has unquestionably improved and minority and low-income students have closed the achievement gap.

Well, that’s true if “learning” is totally defined by state reading and math standardized tests which focus on a very narrow slice of knowledge.

And if you actually accept that fifty-one different standards from fifty different states and DC are valid assessment tools.

And if you believe any change in those test scores can be attributed directly to NCLB, a conclusion even the researchers couldn’t support.

Move along. Nothing to see here.

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  1. Jeanette

    You got that right! If my only goal is to fatten up my cattle, I could feed them a whole bunch of stuff that’ll make ’em weigh more. Doesn’t mean that what I’m feeding them isn’t a bunch of garbage…. or at the very least, that it may not be a balanced diet.

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