Wal-Mart has a full page ad in the Post this morning (and evidently in more than a hundred other papers) to sell something other than cheap VCRs and jeans. The point seems to be to convince readers how wonderful the company is to its employees, despite all the lawsuits. While the copy wants us to know that the company is providing the "real facts" (as opposed to unreal facts) about their stores as a place to work, there was another "fact" that caught my eye and seemed to stretch credibility.

Last year, more than 90 percent of Americans – 270 million people – chose to shop at Wal-Mart.

Can that be true? I realize I’m not normal but are there really only 10% of us who don’t shop at the place?

My reasons for never entering their doors have nothing to do with their policies. The store near our house is crowded (even with few shoppers) and dirty, the parking lot is hard to get in and out of, the cashiers are extremely slow, the merchandise is shoddy, and the prices just aren’t that good – when they actually had what I wanted. Plus, I don’t like being greeted at the door!