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Alexa: Don’t Screw Up My Kid

Articles about new technologies in the general media usually fall into one of two categories: breathless, this-is-the-coolest-thing-ever puff pieces or those it’s-gonna-kill-you-if-you’re-not-careful apocalyptic warnings. Occasionally writers manage to do both at the same time, but that’s rare. A recent piece in the Washington Post leans toward that second theme by letting us know right in […]

Photo Post – Visions of Spring

Making photos when traveling to new places is wonderful, but not something I can do all the time. Despite evidence from the past three months. But almost anywhere you live, there is always something new to see.

The Strange Holiday Mix – 2022

They don’t make holiday music like they used to.1 Or maybe it’s that they’re making too much of it. Hundreds of artists recording the same twenty or so songs, trying (and usually failing) to find a new twist. And Maria Carey ad nauseam.

Saving Nothing

Have I mentioned how much I hate Daylight Saving Time?1 I’m taking a break from Twitter, so this will be a tweet-sized rant on the topic. Feel free to ignore it. Since humans invented “time”, humans can do stupid things with that concept. But don’t call it “saving”. Nothing is being “saved”. Especially light. You’re just […]

Learning Nothing From Pandemic Schooling

When I worked in central office for the overly-large school district, this time of year (the fourth academic quarter) was when we began seriously planning for the fall. Between the approaching spring testing season and largely remote-control plans for closing schools, it was a good opportunity to look ahead. Recently, the district superintendent presented his […]

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