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Are You Highly Qualified?

If you believe this report by Ws Department of Education, Alaska has almost no "highly qualified" teachers in their public school classrooms while almost all the teachers in Wisconsin are "highly qualified". The statistics are important to schools and states since the No Child Left Behind legislation requires that every student be taught by a […]

Highly Qualified Ain’t What It Used To Be

Do you want to be a "highly qualified" teacher? Please don’t go to the trouble of learning the craft, taking any courses or even doing an internship. Just fire up your browser and open your checkbook as this article explains. Administered by the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence – a group formed by […]

When is "Highly Qualified" Not?

Part of the No Child Left Behind (NLCB) legislation is the requirement that every child have a "highly qualified teacher". You would think that Congress in it’s wisdom(?) would have specified in the law exactly what they meant by that phrase but instead they left it up to the states to decide. So we get […]

Heading in the Wrong Direction

States and the federal government have already watered down just about everything when it comes to building a quality education system for this country, so this latest step should surprise no one. Senators have included in key legislation language that would allow teachers still in training to be considered “highly qualified” so they can meet […]

Getting The Whole Process Backwards

One of the key tenants of education reform in this country is that students need good teachers. Even NCLB, as screwed up as it is, mandates that there be a “highly qualified” teacher in every classroom, although the law’s definition of that term leaves a lot to be desired. Ignoring the legal definition from NCLB, […]

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