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Happy New Year

A little over a month ago I ranted about the organizational changes now going on where I work, here in a small corner of the instruction department in our overly-large school district. In that post I also mentioned that I would also be getting a new job, something that was unrelated to the rest of […]

New Year Resolutions

This was the last day of school here in the overly-large school district, providing the Post with the opportunity to recycle the old tale of tech savvy teens causing concerns among the adults in their lives. All the usual stuff got tossed into the article: tales of a few students who broke into a computer […]

Happy New Year

In calendar terms we’re only half way through the summer but some teachers in our system went back to work today. It’s only a small group since we have a few elementary schools that are on a "modified" year-round schedule but I have friends who teach in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas who will start […]

Happy New Year!

We celebrate New Year’s Day on the wrong day! The term "New Year" implies the beginning of something important but let’s face it, nothing really starts on January 1 except the diet that you’ll forget before the groundhog arrives. Plus, by that time most people are pretty well strung out on holiday celebrations starting with […]

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