Paging Big Brother

With the introduction of chips that keep track of groceries, it isn’t a surprise that some schools have begun using tiny radio transmitters to account for their students. A few schools in Japan are testing the idea using small tags that students attach to their backpacks and receivers at school entrances sending an electronic signal whenever a student enters or leaves. The motivation, of course, is student safety, even though violent crimes are still relatively rare in Japan.

I can imagine all sorts of fun when this technology migrates to the US – beyond the privacy lawsuits of course. How about if a bunch of kids pin their badges on one student? And then skip school. Or pin them on a teacher. Flush them down the toilet? No, to make this concept work we’ll need to do something I’ve advocated for a long time: embed a personalized chip in every student’s head.* It sure would make it easier to track their every move, not to mention take attendance.

*Kidding! (I think.)